Online Course: Starting A Hatching Rental Business

Online Course: Starting A Hatching Rental Business

Please note:
Registration closes on September 3. We will have this course ready for you by September 30. 

Course Description
This online class will include a series of videos that you can watch any time as well as spreadhsheets, marketing templates, and other resources. Once you have access to the class, you will always have access to it, which means that you can see any new videos or access new files that we add in the future. The class will inclue modules with these learning outcomes:

Setting up your PROGRAM

  • Establish your own rental time frame 
  • Decide what equipment to use in your kits
  • Minimize risk with policies that protect you
  • Set pricing that is right for your community
  • Understand the pros and cons of partnerships
  • Know your startup/first year costs


Supporting your PEOPLE

  • Create a support network for yourself
  • Streamline customer support throughout the rental
  • Design your hatching guide to minimize disasters
  • Get tips for working effectively with school personnel
  • Learn how to set expectations and support customers when chicks don’t hatch or die


How to PROMOTE your business

  • Identify natural ways to reach new customers
  • Work effectively with local media 
  • Get tips for using social media 
  • Design your marketing flyers using our templates
  • Getting free rentals into the hands of influencers


Price includes tax