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Start your own

chick hatching
rental business

Love hatching?

Watch the video below to see if starting a chick hatching rental business is right for you!


Calling Experienced Hatchers!

Increase your farm/homestead revenue by helping families and students in your community experience the magic of hatching! Our upcoming online course will give you the tools, resources, and inspiration you need to create a fun, rewarding, and profitable chick-hatching rental business.​


Fast-track your launch!
In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • create rental kits that have reliable, easy-to-use equipment

  • use the media and social media to reach new customers

  • work with school districts, charter schools, and homeschool groups

  • streamline/automate customer support throughout the rental

  • avoid hatching disasters (and deal with them if they happen)

  • establish pricing and policies that are right for you

  • set up a budget for your startup and first year costs

Bonus Items


Policy & Agreement Templates


Customizable Hatching Guide



Elementary Hatching Curriculum

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