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Hatching Egg Choices

You can choose to hatch chicken eggs from Wendee's farm or Japanese (Coturnix) quail eggs from Linda's farm. There are good reasons to hatch out either one. See below for a quick side-by-side comparison and a video about your chicken breed choices. If you are still undecided, no problem! You can fill out this form and we'll give you a call to help you figure out which birds or breeds are best for you.


  • 12 eggs (vs 7 chicken eggs)

  • Quail hatch in just 18 days (vs 21 for chicken)

  • Quail lay eggs just 6-8 weeks after hatch

  • Quail lay about 300 eggs a year

  • Quail eggs are fun to cook with

  • Quail eggs may reduce allergy symptoms

  • Quail are heat and cold tolerant

  • Quail require less space than chickens

  • Quail chicks are ADORABLE!



Choose from a wide variety of chicken breeds! Select for stunning egg color, intricate feather patterns, or just plain adorableness. You can choose a single breed or a mix of breeds. Breed choices can be made after purchase.

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Still not sure which type of eggs to get?
Fill out the form below and we'll contact you shortly!

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