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Egg Options

When you rent a chick-hatching kit from us, you can choose to hatch chicken eggs or Japanese (Coturnix) quail eggs. This page will provide details about both. Want help deciding? Fill out the form below. We'll give you a call to help you figure out which birds or breeds are best for you! 



Large Breed 

American White Bresse
from GullyRumpus Farm. All chicks are yellow. They will grow into adults that have red combs, white bodies, and BLUE feet!

Small Breed Mix

A mix of bantam breeds from Featherbaby Farm that can include:

  • d'Uccles

  • Satins

  • Seramas

  • Silkies

Note: We do our best to accommodate your breed choices. However, we are at the mercy of our hens, our roosters, and mother nature, so some breed choices may not be available year round.


Japanese Quail

quail chick square_edited_edited.jpg

Japanese (Coturnix) quail are considered America's new backyard chicken and are quickly growing in popularity. These little powerhouses: 

  • hatch in just 18 days (vs 21 for chicken)

  • can start laying eggs just 6-8 weeks after hatch

  • require less feed and less space than chickens

  • can lay 300+ delicious eggs a year

If you'd like to learn more about raising quail, join us for an upcoming class at GullyRumpus Farm or check out Quail 101.

quail chick square.png

We're happy to help.

Fill out this form and we'll contact you!

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Thank you! We look forward to talking with you.

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