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Hatching Curriculum & Guide: CHICKEN

Hatching Curriculum & Guide: CHICKEN

If you already have everything you need to hatch and care for your chicks, we offer an extensive hatching guide and elementary school curriculum.  


Our comprehensive 57-page Chick Hatching Curriculum has five sections:

  1. All About Chickens
  2. All About Eggs
  3. How Chicks Grow
  4. How Chicks Hatch
  5. Caring for Chicks


Activites include a hatching calendar, paper chain count-down, quail and egg diagrams, and science experiments with eggs! See sample pages.


Our informational sections support English language arts and include:

  • Talking: discussion questions
  • Reading: fun facts, what's happening this week, chick development
  • Writing: can/have/are and can/have/need pages
  • Vocabulary: an extensive list of hatching words/phrases


Also get links to a curated list of outstanding hatching videos and a list of recommended fiction and nonfiction books.


Our Chick Hatching Guide is a complete set of step-by-step instructions, with images, for hatching and brooding your chicks. (Note that the incubator set up instructions are for the Brinsea Mini Advance II incubators. If you have a different kind of incubator, please refer to the owners manual for set-up instructions.)


This bundle is delivered via email. You will receive a single, print-ready PDF file with both the Guide and Curriculum.

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