Quail Guide and Curriculum

Quail Guide and Curriculum

If you already have everything you need to hatch and care for your chicks, we offer an extensive hatching guide and elementary school curriculum.  


Our Quail Hatching Guide is a complete set of step-by-step instructions, with images, for hatching and brooding your chicks. (Note that the incubator set up instructions are for the Brinsea Mini Advance II incubators. If you have a different kind of incubator, please refer to the owners manual for set-up instructions.)


Our comprehensive 57 page Quail Hatching Curriculum has five sections:

  1. All About Quail
  2. All About Eggs
  3. How Quail Chicks Grow
  4. How Quail Chicks Hatch
  5. Caring for Chicks


Numerous fun and engaging activities are included: hatching calendar, paper chain count-down, quail and egg diagrams, and science experiments with eggs to name a few.


Our informational sections support English language arts and include:

  • Talking: discussion questions
  • Reading: fun facts, what's happening this week, how chicks use each part of the egg
  • Writing: can/have/are and can/have/need pages


Also included are links to an outstanding curated list of educational videos suited for school use, an extensive quail vocabulary list, and recommended fiction and nonfiction books. See sample pages here


This bundle is delivered via email. You will receive a single, print-ready PDF file with both the Guide and Curriculum.

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