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Hatching At Home
Connecting kids to the wonder of new life

Our 4-week program gives you all the equipment and support you need to to incubate, hatch, and care for your chicks during their first week of life. No experience in hatching? No problem! Our videos, guide, and on-call support will make it easy. Our program is available for families, teachers, and homeschool groups in Sacramento and surrounding areas(Want to start your hatching rental program? Go here!)

How It Works



Pick up your rental kit from our farm in North Highlands or Shingle Springs. Incubate quail eggs for 18 days or chicken eggs for 21 days. Grab some popcorn and watch the show! 



Place your chicks in the brooder box included with your kit. Watch your chicks as they snuggle under the heat plate, eat, drink, sleep, and play. You can hold your chicks for short periods.



At the end of your 4-week rental, you'll return your kit to the farm. You can keep your chicks, give them away, or return them to the farm. Keeping chicks? We'll take your roosters back!


"Best thing we've done as a family."

Home: Welcome

What You Get



Chick-hatching rental kits include: fertile eggs • incubator • candler • brooder box • heat plate • feeder • waterer • feed • pads • bedding 



We make hatching easy!

Step-by-step hatching guide

Reminder emails & texts

On-call, live support



Elementary hatching curriculum
to use each week during your rental. Includes videos, fun educational activities, and recommend books.

"This has been an amazing experience for my students. We went to the library today and half my class was in line asking the librarian for books on chickens."

Michelle B


Egg Options

You can hatch either:

  • 7 chicken eggs 
    breed choices available


  • 12 quail eggs
    egg color choices available


Not sure which to hatch?

Want to know more about breed choices?


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