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"Best thing we've done as a family."

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Why Hatch At Home?

Watching a chick emerge from its shell is a miraculous experience that your kids will never forget. But for many families, hatching isn't a possibility because they can't keep poultry. Even if they can keep backyard chickens or quail, researching and buying all the equipment needed to hatch chicks is time consuming and expensive. And then there's the problem of what to do with the roosters. That's why we created the Hatching at Home rental program!


With your 4-week rental, you get everything you need to incubate, hatch, house, and feed your chicks. And the best part? At the end of the rental you can return your chicks OR you can keep your chicks, free of charge. If you keep chicks, we'll take your roosters back to the farm as soon as they start crowing!

We include a step-by-step hatching guide with videos along with phone and text support throughout the program. In addition, we've created an amazing 4-week elementary-level hatching curriculum - and it's included with your rental! (Also available separately.)


We hatch year round and are ready to help you get started today!

One of our Hatching At Home families in Sacramento shared this beautiful video of their second chick, Shelly, making her debut into the world.