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How It Works

Our four-week program gives you all the equipment and support you need to to incubate, hatch, and care for your chicks during their first week of life. No experience in hatching? No problem! Our videos, guide, and on-call support will make it easy. Our program is available for families, teachers, and homeschool groups in the greater Sacramento area.


Your rental kits includes:

  • fertile eggs (7 chicken eggs or 12 Japanese quail eggs),

  • a dependable incubator, egg candler, brooder box, warming plate, chick feeder, waterer, bedding, and feed

  • a step-by-step hatching guide with videos

  • elementary-level hatching curriculum 

  • phone/text support from Wendee and Linda

The four-week experience is $200. You can pick up your chick hatching rental kit at our North Highlands or Shingle Springs locations. 

At the end of the four-week rental, you'll return your kit to the farm. You can keep your chicks, give them to a friend, or return them to the farm  with your kit. If you keep your chicks, any roosters you get can come back to the farm at no cost!

Just need an incubator and eggs? Checkout our 3-week rental kit that includes fertile eggs, incubator, egg candler, step-by-step hatching guide, elementary hatching curriculum PDF - plus phone and text support anytime you need it!

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